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SME MartketHub

The SME Market Hub is a website where retailed or any business class owners can create an online store or marketplace for themselves, add products, and receive bills online with any debit card in this country.
SME MartketHub


With the successful implementation and increased traction garnered from the Zendesk solution for GTBank’s Contact Centre, there was a new initiative by the bank to open up a market hub where registered sellers can meet with buyers visiting the platform to buy, sell and refer products and services that will be ascertained under the market umbrella that GTBank has created Taking advantage of the whole activity earlier deployed for the GTBank’s Contact Centre and the plenty gains they have realized from the solution usage, we were beckoned to proffer possible solutions that will address engagement for the Market Hub instance to be initiated. I n line with our preference for Zendesk as the perfect solution suggested, Support and LiveChat was deployed with attention placed on; Setting up the Hub’s workflow, Configuration of accounts, Integration with web platform and Linking up Social Channels for Interaction Benefits • Provision of CX enhanced platform for SMEs/ Business owners to showcase their goods and services • Ability to have interaction with Agents through various social means thus, not having the entire access restricted. • 24/7 marketplace where the solution has allowed for them to achieve staff scheduling. • Prompt responses from time to time to address queries, concerns and challenges with the use of the solution. • Constant data gotten through Analytics to guide management of activities rendered across board


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Client: GTBank
Date: 12.2010